BET Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

BET Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer is an instrument to determine the specific surface area of powders, solids and granules, the values are expressed in meter square per gram, pore size analysis, micropore analysis, pore size distribution by pore diameter, pore volume and pore surface area.


BET SURFACE Area and Pore Size Analyzer Rise-1010

Brief Introduction

Rise-1010 Automatic specific surface area and Pore size distribution Analyzer accords with the international standards ISO9277, ISO 15901 and National standard GB-119587. It tests desorption process in the principle of static capacity measurement tested through static gas balance and pressure tested. They are tested in the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The gas of known quantity is filled into the sample tube and the pressure is to fall, then  the Moore's quality of  adsorbed gas is calculated. With calculated balance adsorption quantity and theoretical model, the instrument evaluates the parameters such as  single-point, multipoint  BET specific surface area, Langmuir specific surface area of the samples; BJH mesoporous, macroporous area,area distribution; t-plot microporous and surface areas, Dubinin Astakhov microporous distribution,  Hovath-Kawazoe microporous distribution; DFT and MC aperture distribution model.

Guarantee for Trustworthy Tested Data

Reasonable connection of pipes, capability of s vacuum pumping, precision and sensitivity of sensors, automation of the instrument and numbers of the digital models for the different samples.

Modular Gas pipes Design

Rise-1010 Automatic specific surface area and Pore size distribution Analyzer accords with the most developed design ideas, designed with special modular stainless steel vacuum pipes . It is leak proof and pollution-free. It is high vacuum and avoids leakage due to excessive pipe connections. It is specially-designed research instrument for the micropores study, with diffusion pump to keep the system high vacuum.

Constant temperature

Dewar flasks is self-developed with special internal structure, store the liquid nitrogen for more than 10 days. The liquid nitrogen is almost free of losses during the test so that the temperature of the tested samples is constant and that the Dewar flasks are protected as they are fragile and unfavorable for movement.

High-precision sensors

Several high-precision sensors and 22-bit AD converters ensure the precision of the specific surface area and aperture.

Developed theoretical model

With DFT and MC aperture distribution models, it is developed in the world, and is the Number One of the specific surface area and Pore size distribution Analyzers in China.

Automatic operation

Adsorption and desorption processes are automatically controlled by computers and free of manual operation.

Applied range

 It is applied in study and test of all kinds of materials such as zeolite, carbon material, molecular sieve, silicic acid anhydride, aluminum oxide,soil, clay, catalytic agent, organic metal  compound cageconstruction.

Tags: BET Surface Area Analyzer; BET Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

Technical characteristics

  • Single-point, multipoint BET specific surface area
  •  BJH specific surface area, area distribution, total area
  •  T-plot micropores volume and surface areas, Dubinin Astakhov micropores size distribution, Hovath-Kawazoe micropores size distribution
  •  DFT and MC aperture distribution model

Technical parameters and instrument configuration

  •  Test principle: low-temperature nitrogen physical adsorption (static capacity)
  •  Specific surface area : 0.01 m 2 without upper limit
  •  Analysis of range for pore size : 3.5-5000  angstrom
  •  Adsorbed gas: nitrogen
  •  P/PO test range: 1 X 10 -6 – 0.995

 Pressure and temperature measurement:

  •  6 imported absolute pressure sensors 0-133 Kpa( precision 0.12%)
  • 1 temperature sensor PT-100( Precision 0.1)
  • Dewar flask: 2.0L, duration of 80 hours
  • Vacuum pump:  mechanical pump
  •  Ultimate vacuum: 1.0 X 10 -4 Torr
  •  Measurement software:  adsorption /desorption isotherm curve
  •  Physical parameter: 535 X 435 X 720 mm, 40kg (exclusive of vacuum pump)
  •  1 tested sample and 3 pre-treated samples   in the meantime

Output Report

Directly printed and Excel output the parameters such as adsorption /desorption isotherm, BET specific surface area, Langmuir specific surface area, t-plot micropores areas, BJH specific surface area, Dubinin Astakhov micropores distribution,  Hovath-Kawazoe micropores distribution.