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YK Scientific Instrument is a company providing Laboratory Instrument and Laboratory Equipment’s served in the field of Life Science, Food, Polymer, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, also in Educational Institutes and Research Laboratories. We are committed to providing Safe, Reliable and Supreme quality products, which have been diligently tested and approved by a team of R&D, Quality Control and Quality Assurance expertise, who progressively work to meet the customer’s requirements. 

YK Scientific Instrument not only provides good value products but also caters the unique demands of individual customer.  

Our product range includes:

Lab supplies: Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Incubator, BET Surface Analyzer.

Analytical instruments: AAS, FTIR  and UV/Vis Spectrophotometer and Optical Emission Spectrometers, Gas Chromatography. 

Lab equipment: Weighing Balances, pH/EC/DO/Turbidity Meters, Water Quality photometers, Magnetic Stirrer, Viscometer.

We assure the quality and durability of all our products, as each product is individually checked and inspected by our proficient technicians before dispatching the consignment.

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